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For the past 60 years we have been working closely with most of the area's larger insurance companies. Due to the economic conditions of the insurance industry as of late, we have found many insurance companies have made unfavorable compromises to their customers. Insurance cost cutting is promising to compromise the quality of the work needing to be done!!

With ever-increasing frequency, insurance companies have been steering their insured to their preferred shops. These shops must do the work cheaper, faster, and with less integrity, in order to keep up with the insurance industry's lowered standards. These cost cutting practices are being passed on to the shops, the consumers, and their vehicles.

By not partnering with the insurance companies, we are able to concentrate our efforts on properly repairing our customers' vehicles, as opposed to compromising our standards to appease the insurance companies for steering work to us.

We will continue doing the best job for our customers at no extra out of pocket costs! You have our assurance that we know what it takes to work with your insurance company without the hassles. When you leave your car, you leave the problem solving to us. We want you to feel as confident and comfortable leaving your automobile with us, as we are when we are doing what we do best, which is serving you. We honor this with our lifetime guarantee of satisfaction.

Stop in for a free estimate or expert advice regarding repairs and help with filing your claims.

"Keep in mind...your insurance company makes their suggestions to you based on their agenda, not yours. You had the freedom to choose your insurance company, and you also have the freedom to choose who will properly restore your car. We do not profess to be in the insurance business, and your insurance company does not fix cars."

The Brown family